It was full of promise for a few days

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Feb 242013


So for the past several years we’ve been sort of living on a sim a friend owned, but he decided to sell to someone else for various reasons. Now almost immediately he wanted to build a new sim… so for a week we rented a homestead, and at the very least I had a chance to practice with landscaping and land textures. And someday we would really, really like to have an island of our own. We can dream, anyway.

I think this is what I love the most about Second Life.
(okay, this and shopping)

Spring is out there somewhere

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Feb 212013

I’ll be patient.


Meanwhile I’m finding D!va hair is really tempting me away from my long term Truth addiction. I really love the little messy strands 😀

The fun is in the attempt

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Feb 182013

Random hobby of the moment – trying to make Greg Lake, circa mid 70s. He’s endlessly difficult to recreate, although it may be a case of having adjusted his features so much that now I don’t even know what to adjust next. Suspect he’ll be an ongoing project for a long time.
Maybe I just need to find him a white suit.

Digging in the back of the closet

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Feb 172013


Yep, still have pretty much everything I ever bought still sitting in my inventory. I don’t think I’ll abandon my love affair with mesh (or my flirtation with my Lola’s) to start wearing my old clothes, but some of the texture clothes hold up pretty well.  And the hair, was, I believe, my very first purchase in world. Kinda fun to pull it out now and then and see how things look now.