Mar 182013

I saw this on Strawberry Singh’s blog and thought it would be fun to do!  I love these sort of memes and thought this would be a good way to start off regular posts on this blog 🙂  (note to self: try to post regularly…)

Fact 1

I’ve never been terribly social in SL, I am possibly even more introverted and shy in SL than I am in RL: I won’t initiate a conversation with anyone ever because I’m afraid I’ll be bothering them. I’m not sure why SL creates even more social anxiety in me than talking to random strangers in RL, but it really does seem to be worse. My hub still teases me that if I see green dots moving towards me on the map I will tp home instantly because I’m terrified they’ll say hi. >.>

Fact 2

I absolutely love reading roleplay blogs and touring rp sims (when they’re empty and I won’t disturb anyone) but I have never tried to roleplay… I always think it would be so much fun to try, but I think it falls back to fact #1 again.  And also I’m pretty sure that I’d be terrible at it because I would overthink my responses and take forever to play out a scene.

Fact 3

Landscaping and decorating is as much fun as playing dress up dolls with my avatar. I absolutely love it. In fact creating environments and dressing myself up to take pics in them is probably the most enjoyable thing about SL

Fact 4

I have never stopped tweaking the appearance of my avatars, no matter how happy I am it’s a sure bet that I’ll fiddle with the sliders at some random moment. I just love constantly evolving them.  I also  love borrowing my husband’s alt and giving him makeovers.  Hub is amused that whenever I kidnap his alt I always recreate musicians I have crushes on.  😉

Fact 5

The best SL memory I have actually took place in RL when hub and I traveled to meet up with four friends from SL. One brought along his guitar so we had our own little “SL” concert, we typed out all the club applause gestures on our phones and held up the screens after a song and made wOot! noises so he’d have that SL performance vibe too, lol. It was really silly but it was also absolutely the best weekend!

Fact 6

I’ve only had one person ever hit on one of my avies for sexytime, on the first day I was ever on mainland. Since then, not once. (And to think, I always thought I made my avvies hot, too,  hahaha!)

Fact 7

We are constantly trying to build RL models in SL to figure out how to redo a room or landscape our yard, or make some craft project. I once built a few locations from my college days to take pics for a slideshow we were making for a reunion.  I gave up trying to explain SL to them, though.

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  1. I have my moments of extreme social anxiety in SL from time to time too. But I still feel I’m a bit worse in RL. Working on it though! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of yourself. <3

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