Apr 032013


Yes it’s meme time! One of these days I’m going to get my blog in order and put something up that isn’t a meme, but in the meantime this has been the best thing to get me blogging.

Today’s blog meme from Strawberry Singh is “My SL Pet Peeves”.   I have to say reading through other bloggers lists was interesting, and I agree with lots of them.  (I’m extremely amused by the Lola hate, though :D)  I don’t really have a lot of pet peeves related to things that people do in SL. Almost all of my complaints would be related to performance and to Linden Lab, and they’re probably shared by a majority of users so there’s no need to go into them. So, I gave this some thought and came up with five things that frustrate me… none of it’s really all that annoying, but it does make me shake my head at the screen sometimes. So here we go:

1. Auto greeters that spam you with notecards and group invites. I understand why people put them out, but I hate having to click through a bunch of notifications  and offers the minute I tp somewhere.

2. Full bright, no mod anything.  I know people want something they created to look good in any light setting, but I don’t usually want my necklaces, or various articles of clothing, to glow when I’m trying to take a photo in dim light.  And the full bright hair that I still see some people wearing… o.O  And thinking on av appearances leads me to…

3. Appearances in general.  Typically I don’t care too much about how other avs look, because it’s really such a personal choice and people go for a look that makes them happy.  I couldn’t claim that any of my or my husbands avs are wandering around with flawless shapes and awesome fashion sense (well, actually, I do think we look awesome, but others may think I’m a big dork)  But still, when you see people who have been in world for years but still haven’t quite mastered fitting that hair, or the clothes, or the guys with the teeny tiny little heads on the bodybuilder shapes, or the really weirdly proportioned humans… sometimes you wish you could just quietly give them a makeover whether they want one or not.

4. Overly bright lights.  Facelights don’t bother me because I keep attached lights turned off, but I try to leave local lights enabled because I like to see the effects that a builder was going for. Unfortunately sometimes it seems like some people who include a light source in their creation think the brighter the better, and they can make something like a nice little campfire glow turn into the light of a thousand blazing suns.  I wish we had the ability to bump it down in our own viewer, so even if it’s on the highest light setting possible I could dim it for myself.

5. Chalk up another vote against gesture spam. I don’t mind short applause gestures after a musician plays, and sometimes chat gestures can be fun and cute when you’re with your friends, but the wall of ascii art and the HOOOOO! or the HI SISSY! IT’S MY SISSY!!! thing at shows…  No! Stop!

Ahhhh. It is nice to complain once in a while!  Once again, thanks for the meme!

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