May 282013


The blog meme from Strawberry Singh this week is communication. This was pretty easy, even if I don’t spend a lot of time being a social communicator in SL. This actually amuses me given that my college major was communications, so I should be much better at it! For today I tried to find a pic that was somewhat relevant, but this is probably more representative of my SL than anything… Just watching….

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Yo Ho Ho

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May 242013

A pirate’s life for me?

Impressive skies under the alternative cloud maps in Firestorm.  Wish I could switch them out without having to log in and out, but nice to have something new 😀



I hear music somewhere

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May 172013


She sat me here to pose, but she didn’t give me any drumsticks, so how am I supposed to play?

I’m having entirely too much fun. Entirely.


May 152013


Once again, it’s time for the weekly Strawberry Singh blog challenge, AKA the reason I actually have new blog entries!

This week’s meme is SL guilty confessions… This one stumped me for a while, I wasn’t sure if I should be considering this as something that I actually feel bad about, or as something more along the lines of things that are fun but embarrassing to admit, aka guilty pleasures.  Since my SL is pretty mild mannered there isn’t anything that’s happened that I actually feel guilt over, but there are those habits that are perhaps a wee bit embarrassing. So let’s see, what can I confess… Continue reading »

Hey baby…

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May 142013


You’re pretty hot.  Doing anything later? 😉


One night in Hollywood

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May 122013

What do you do when you won’t be able to see your favorite band’s only US show this year? Well, you can always send one of the band members into virtual space to stand around in the venue… or something like it…


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