May 012013


It was a pretty bottle, I thought it might look nice sitting out on the mantel, and maybe serve as a conversation piece.  But even though I knew it wasn’t a magic bottle I still had to rub it. Just for fun, you know? Imagine my surprise when a genie appeared and granted me three wishes for SL… what would I wish for?

1. My first and biggest SL wish is that we could afford to own an island. We rented a homestead sim along with a friend for about a week, but unfortunately when he couldn’t stay in SL we had to drop it because the rent was going to be too much. But for that week it was so much fun! It would be the best thing ever to have a place I could landscape and decorate and try to make into a pretty sim that people wanted to visit and take pictures in because that is the very heart of the things I love the best in SL. Oh, maybe someday.


2. I wish Linden Lab would actively promote SL, especially the creative aspects of it, and I really wish people didn’t have to feel so embarrassed to admit they enjoy SL.  I agree with everyone who says they wish it didn’t have a reputation as that online sex game because TV shows who mention it enjoy talking about people who left their spouse for some online friend they’ve been having graphic cybersex with.  I don’t hide SL from people I know in RL, and if someone mentions it I’ll share that I have an account and talk about it at length, but I still find myself a little embarrassed at the thought of mentioning to people first because I don’t know what they’ve heard.

The only reasons I’ve talked about SL to non residents lately were to show people pics of a RL reconstruction that I built (they seemed to think I was using some sort of architectural or decorating program) or to share pics of the alt I tried to make into as close a replica as I could of my favorite musican (actually I’m not sure what the folks who saw those are thinking of me, but whatever it is they’re probably right ;))  If people want to join SL just to explore the adult content that’s great, but I wish that wasn’t the only thing the media wants to focus on.  I wish there was more about the creativity, the music, the supportive communities, and the ability to collaborate with people from all over to produce amazing things.


It’s old, but I’m still really pleased with how this build worked out.


3. I wish that the Oculus Rift integration was ready right now and I could use it 😀  When that day does come I have no idea if we’ll be able to afford it, but it looks so cool I’m excited anyway! This is the coolest thing I’ve ever anticipated. Much technology fangirl flailing about \(^_^)/



(oh yes, very pleased with how he turned out as well…)

That’s the big ones for now. There’s other, little wishes. I really wish I was more social, I’d love to make more friends in SL, I’d love to meet people who have similar interests and just have people to talk to sometimes, when I’m not feeling like I need to hide in my skybox. I wish I could have convinced some of my friends to use SL. I wish the learning curve wasn’t so bad that people abandon it before they give it a chance. I wish there was no such thing as lag. I wish Firestorm would stop crashing whenever I save a snapshot to disk. I wish I could make hair so I could get the styles I really want.

Oh, and I wish I could export alts to RL?  Okay, maybe that’s a wish for another day too…

I am definitely going to need to look for more bottles…



As always, thanks to Strawberry Singh for the meme of the week!






Shirt: Mon Tissu Oversized Peace shirt
Shorts: Mon Tissu Ginger Bouquet
Hair: D!va Asami
Genie bottle by Robin Sojourner

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  1. Oooohhhh, exporting alts to RL is a brilliant idea, lol!

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