May 152013


Once again, it’s time for the weekly Strawberry Singh blog challenge, AKA the reason I actually have new blog entries!

This week’s meme is SL guilty confessions… This one stumped me for a while, I wasn’t sure if I should be considering this as something that I actually feel bad about, or as something more along the lines of things that are fun but embarrassing to admit, aka guilty pleasures.  Since my SL is pretty mild mannered there isn’t anything that’s happened that I actually feel guilt over, but there are those habits that are perhaps a wee bit embarrassing. So let’s see, what can I confess…

Confession #1. Okay, this one is neither a guilty pleasure nor anything I’m embarrassed to admit, but so many people have mentioned it that I have to say that I agree, profile reading is definitely a favorite pastime. If I am at any kind of event where there are a lot of others around I always read profiles, and if people happen to put their blog in the profile I’ll go look at that too.  This is pretty much carried over to any sort of web profile… if I look at your blog I’ll always read the about page, and follow links. Even if I fail at interacting with people when I don’t know them well, people are just endlessly fascinating to me and I love to read what they have to say. And there’s been a few times I’ve followed other bloggers and commented back and forth enough to make new friends, so that’s always a nice bonus.

Confession #2. Often after I tp somewhere I will go back to web browsing if it’s taking a while for my surroundings to rez… and then I forget I’m in SL.  A couple of days ago I left myself standing in Emery staring at a wall for I don’t know how long, it must have been at least a half hour. I might not have even realized I was still in world if a group notice hadn’t made the icon on the task bar start flashing.  Oopsie.

Confession #3. If I see a sim I want to visit I will keep checking the map to see if there are people there, and I’ll wait until all the green dots disappear before I dare to go. Sometimes this is because I want to take pics and would rather do that without anybody else around because it’s easier,  but often I’m just afraid it will be someone who wants to strike up a conversation and I’m too scared to take the chance eeeek. And I have a really bad habit of fleeing home asap if I am in sim by myself and somebody appears nearby. I’m doubly skittish if I’ve logged in my hubs alt and have him posing somewhere for pics and random avatars start wandering in his direction.

Confession #4. I promise myself that I’ll go to bed early, then I still stay up too late fiddling with things in world, or changing hairs, or searching for places to visit.  Or I log out but sit here typing up blog entries when I should be sleeping.  I don’t know where the time goes. Pretty sure it’s some time dilation effect built into the software. It’s not my fault. Really.

Confession #5. If It weren’t for blog challenges I wouldn’t have any new blog entries… I do feel a bit guilty about this actually, I started this up and imported all my tumblr posts and thought Here I go! Blogging SL! And then… I had no idea what to do.  Although I did actually manage to post a couple of new things all by myself this week, without prompting, so I’m doing better!

But still, a big huge yay for blog prompts *wild cheers*


Well, there we go. Confession is good for the soul, right? 🙂


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  1. I can so relate to confession #2, and by the time I come back to the keyboard there are several im’s from random people about why I’m facing the corner lol! thanks for sharing 🙂

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