May 062013

Strawberry Singh challenged everyone to write a Haiku about our Second Life…  I don’t think I’ve tried writing a haiku since, oh, college, probably. Write a Haiku did come in handy for this.

I have no idea why the first thing that popped into my mind was my inventory. Or, rather, a prominent section of my inventory.  I haven’t been in world too much this week whilst  Firestorm and I struggle to get along after the latest update, so no cute pics to go along with this, but I present  my haiku, with it’s inspiration.

Hey, I’m quite proud of this little effort! 😛


Dozens of objects
That I forgot to rename.
Frustration abounds.



May 012013


It was a pretty bottle, I thought it might look nice sitting out on the mantel, and maybe serve as a conversation piece.  But even though I knew it wasn’t a magic bottle I still had to rub it. Just for fun, you know? Imagine my surprise when a genie appeared and granted me three wishes for SL… what would I wish for? Continue reading »