Jun 012013


June is here and with it, Avatar Blogger Month! Hooray!  Since I don’t think I could come up with a thoughtful blog post every day, and I’m certainly not up to date on fashion, I am going to be a tourist and wander around the grid to take pictures.  I may even rope the hubster into logging in so we can go do something fun together.    This is exciting!

For today, since as usual I’ve procrastinated a bit, I’ll just make a quick stop while I gather my tourist gear together.  I’ve always found the Destination Guide to be a good jumping off point, so my first visit was to a Linden relic, the German Castle Ruins in Frisch. I think the new alternate cloud textures give it a nicely moody feel. I have bumped the contrast and fiddled around the edges here, but even in straight viewer shots I think the new cloud textures can provide a really pretty watercolor effect for the skies.

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