Jun 032013


On Day 3 I still don’t have any clear idea what I’m going to post next, but I’m totally into the blog fitness idea.  Of course I had to go check out my treadmill workstation and put a couple of little things out on my desk!  If you ever saw my RL desk you’d know I will clutter it up with everything imaginable, but I kept it to a couple of pics. And a lava lamp. Everybody needs a lava lamp 😀


Seems like a good idea to check out the treadmill too.  It’s always good to move around a little bit to break up the day!



While I’m here I’ll get in a little more working out. This totally counts for real life exercise, right?


  2 Responses to “Day 3!”

  1. I’m going to have to get back over to work out a bit more! I’m totally getting “Blogger Butt” o.O

  2. […] visits the Prog Rock Museum of SL. Oh, and, psst… don’t miss Ravensong’s Day 3 post where she stops by the ABC Gym to decorate her work/out/station with some pix and a Lava Lamp! If […]

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