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For day 4 of Avatar Blogger Month I thought it was time to step away from the desk and be a tourist, and my first stop is a visit to the Prog Rock Museum.  I’ve always been a big prog fan, so I’m surprised at myself that I never thought to search for anything related to this in world. A couple of weeks ago a friend, who hadn’t logged into SL in years, happened to go in world and search for prog on a whim, and found this right away.  As soon as she pointed this out I had to go in search for a tour 😀   You’ll find a lot to look at, including a large gallery of album art, and several 3D recreations of classic album covers, many of which are interactive.   If you visit be sure to pick up the free earpiece at the landing area, wearing it will enable you to click on displays and get additional info, including outside links to learn more.

As an Emerson Lake & Palmer fan I enjoyed seeing Tarkus, as well as the H.R. Giger cover art for Brain Salad Surgery.

tarkus_elp elp_bss


You can grab a free pair of wings and recreate Led Zeppelin’s Swansong  logo,

Or take a quick trip around on the flying prog pig:



Of course, I had to spend some time in the Rush shrine gazing reverently at the logos to prep myself for seeing them in RL in a couple months (woot!)




There is a lot more to see, including areas devoted to Genesis, Roger Dean’s dragon art, Dream Theater, and Pink Floyd.  You’ll also find some nice peaceful areas to sit and chat with friends.

You can find the Prog Rock Museum in Kazzkark at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kazzkark/185/16/78



Now I think we deserve a little music to close 😀

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