Jun 052013

I had to be kind of fashiony today, the mesh bikinis from ColdLogic are too cute to pass up.


I know I am really late to the party with this purchase, but I finally decided to spring for some Slink mesh feet, so now I can gush over how much better they look.  The League appliers worked really well, even cammed in tight it is hard to tell where the seam is.



I didn’t retouch either of the second and third pics and I think the feet look awesome. Now I just want to roam around barefoot!    I think I’ll just admire my cute feet for a while 😀


Fashiony stuff:

Bikini: ColdLogic
Sunglasses: Gos Cateye

  2 Responses to “Time For A Swim”

  1. WOW! Love the first photo! And thank you for not having one of those disturbingly ugly shapes now much in fashion all over SL! The feet DO look great! 🙂 I browsed through your blog and congrats, you have amazing pics!

  2. I so need more bathing suits! And ColdLogic has such great clothes, I love they way they fit me. Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I found out about your blog from ABM, and I’m glad I stopped by! Good luck with the challenge and hopefully meet you in world at one of the events we’re planning.

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