Jun 062013

“I don’t know, li’l friend, what do you think I should blog about?”


I’m a little bit off on the timing for today’s blog post for Day 6, but my definition of a day is if I haven’t gone to bed yet it’s still day 6. 😀  I’m still so new to figuring out regular blogging that little things like thinking up a title for a post will leave me frowning at the screen for far too long.  And then the post content! Egads! If I visit a sim should I review it? Just post pics and a landmark? Reference all the style credits for what I’m wearing? Aaaaaugh! I guess that’s why the 30 days is going to be a good thing for me! By the end of the month I will either know what I’m doing and be totally dedicated to keeping this up to date, or I will be curled up under my desk with a jar of nutella.

But you know what, I’m having a blast with this anyway 🙂  And I need to sit down tomorrow and read up on everyone else’s blogs!  I’m trying to catch up with them but I’ve actually spent more time in world in the past week than I’d probably spent in world in the previous month. I am now realizing just how much I miss Second Life when I don’t log in for a long time.

And meanwhile, I’ve been staring at Strawberry Singh’s Acrostic Poem meme for the past few days while I try to figure out what to do with it. Not sure why I was drawing a blank on this, but I was determined to conquer it. I tried out the app at readwritethink.org to help me out… It’s quite bad, lol, but I finished it, so here we are: my life on the grid 😀




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  1. lol I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to edit a post because I decided a title was too hard and I’d come back to it…only to forget to add one at all 😉

    LOVE your poem!

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