Jun 142013


June is flying by! It’s been fun having an excuse to buy a few new outfits because I have to pose in something cute, even if I’m not fashion blogging!

Today I was thinking about identity. After seeing posts about Google+ and claiming authorship, or making about.me profiles, or other social media profiles under one’s avatar name, I began to think about how I perceive my own SL identity. As I hit entry 14 of Avatar Blogger Month I find myself wondering, am I really an avatar blogger? RL always seems to creep into my efforts to do anything SL related online. All of my social media, with the exception of Plurk, is RL based. When I made an SL specific about.me page I initially just duplicated my RL version, and I’ve still left links to primarily RL sites because they’re as much a part of me as SL, and I probably am a bit of an over-sharer at times. 🙂

Does Ravensong (or do any of my alts) have an identity distinct from my own? I’ve realized the answer is “not really.” I can’t even bring myself to dress Raven in anything I wouldn’t also wear in RL if I had the favorable sliders. My main alt gets a lot more fashion freedom, but she’s still pretty me-ish. Ask any of my avs questions about opinions, or favorite things, or hobbies, and you’ll get the same answers because they’re all just essentially me using Second Life, in much the same way that Zenfaerie is me using Twitter, or VisualMindChatter is me using Tumblr. So maybe I’m not really an avatar blogger here, I’m just a person who blogs primarily about Second Life and uses one of her avatar names for WordPress.

There are times that I wonder if I should take advantage of an unused alt and really try to create a new identity, or maybe explore some of the roleplay communities. I don’t know if I will, or if I’ll blog about it if I do try. Maybe I’ll make an entirely new blog with a secret identity! 😉 Or maybe I’ll just carry on as I have been, because even without being as immersive as many of the residents I still find SL fun and rewarding.

But still, a secret identity does sound fun, doesn’t it? It’s giving me something to think about. 😀

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