Jun 192013

I’ve seen a lot of really pretty pics from Baja Norte lately and I can see why everyone loves it, this place is absolutely beautiful!  I could wander around for hours just looking for fun camera angles of the scenery.  Everything is so well done, and there are lots of lovely little touches.  You can just imagine yourself lounging on the beach with a drink and letting all of your cares drift away on the tide, right?

Well, I can… 

There were only a few people around when I went, and everyone was spread out so far it felt as if we had the sim to ourselves. Just us and the local wildlife. 😀


When I saw something moving on the beach I wasn’t sure what it was at first, so I had to cam in closer. This is a turtle with important things to do.

It’s probably been a good two or three months since my hubby had logged in, and I am always excited when I can get him in world because it’s more fun to roam around together! Our original goal was to hit some of the SL10B sims, but I quickly gave up hope of getting anything to rez for me tonight. I’m kinda regretting not trying to sign up for the blogger preview for that so I could have seen some of it over the weekend, with fewer people and hopefully faster rezzing, but I wasn’t sure if I qualify as a real blogger – I think I mostly just entertain myself with all my posts. But that’s neither here nor there because the sims I was on today had no more than one or two other avvies and they were still laggy and gray, so I may just need to exercise some patience.

And meanwhile, this was the perfect place to unwind from the grays. \(^_^)/  My cutiepie hubby parked himself on a chair, as he does, and just cammed around, which was fine with me because I love to plop him on poses so I can take cute pictures. You’ll find several seating areas around the sim, which makes it a great place to go with friends to hang out and chat, or cuddle up with your sweetie.

I think he was getting a little tired of me saying “Okay, honey, could you cam back to your chair and click the next pose? And the next? No, let’s go back to that previous one… “

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