Jun 212013

I keep seeing friends on Facebook posting various old photos once a week for “Throwback Thursday” and thought why not do that here?  Now in their case it’s always old school pics, or baby pictures, maybe a stray high school graduation shot…  I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see my old yearbook photos, so I looked back through my old SL photos instead.  Oh my.13-FEB-07 us_1

And so there we are, rocking some plaid in February 2007.  I don’t even know what to say. I particularly enjoy my pink hair along with the green Irish dress.  Husband was trying to make a kilt, which pretty much meant tossing a plaid texture on a system skirt. We thought we looked pretty cool too… o.O  I think we spent a  couple weeks on Help Island before we ever considered heading for mainland, so we actually had some fairly good skills in place by the time we were released into the wild. Fashion sense would develop much later…

03-SEP-07 sky biking_001

The more I looked through my folders the more I thought it would be fun to pull out some of the pics of the two of us, perhaps just for me but also because SL has always been a shared thing for us, something fun we can do together.  It’s especially fun to look through the pics because this past Monday was our RL anniversary, so I’m still feeling sappy and romantic! 😀


Most of the time if we are logged in together we’re wandering around different places. I’ll be looking for something to take a shot of, he’ll be buying gizmos and looking for offbeat stores.  There are those fun times when he joins me on a sim, and sometimes you just have to be cuddly.


 And there’s always those alternative methods of transportation.


I couldn’t pick a better person to wander around with, in SL and RL (^_^)



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