Jun 232013


I didn’t get the chance to explore as much of SL10B as I’d have liked, but I did get in some sightseeing.  The Now and Then Avatar Project had you pose next to an earlier version of yourself, and, well, there’s a bit of a difference.  My actual very first avatar would have been the casual girl in the sweater and jeans, but I managed to morph myself into this rather fashionable lady before I ever left Help Island, and I was really surprised she was still in an ancient, dusty corner of my inventory in all her newbish glory. June 2013, meet Feb 2007. If we’re still here in six more years I wonder how things will look then.

Also, I was a bit late picking it up but yay for a 21 day gold star. ^_^    Only seven more days in June! OMG! What will I do for July?



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