Throwback Thursday? Sure!

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Jun 212013

I keep seeing friends on Facebook posting various old photos once a week for “Throwback Thursday” and thought why not do that here?  Now in their case it’s always old school pics, or baby pictures, maybe a stray high school graduation shot…  I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see my old yearbook photos, so I looked back through my old SL photos instead.  Oh my.13-FEB-07 us_1

And so there we are, rocking some plaid in February 2007.  I don’t even know what to say. I particularly enjoy my pink hair along with the green Irish dress.  Husband was trying to make a kilt, which pretty much meant tossing a plaid texture on a system skirt. We thought we looked pretty cool too… o.O  I think we spent a  couple weeks on Help Island before we ever considered heading for mainland, so we actually had some fairly good skills in place by the time we were released into the wild. Fashion sense would develop much later… Continue reading »

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Jun 202013

When I swapped out my theme the other day I noticed this one supports all the post formats. This is giving me a powerful desire to leave rambly little commentaries in asides like this, the sort that most people would leave on Twitter or Plurk or Tumblr. Not sure if this is a good thing or not.

Baja Norte on Day 19

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Jun 192013

I’ve seen a lot of really pretty pics from Baja Norte lately and I can see why everyone loves it, this place is absolutely beautiful!  I could wander around for hours just looking for fun camera angles of the scenery.  Everything is so well done, and there are lots of lovely little touches.  You can just imagine yourself lounging on the beach with a drink and letting all of your cares drift away on the tide, right?

Well, I can…  Continue reading »

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Jun 192013

That moment when I realize I spent all my time yesterday tweaking my WordPress themes and fiddling around with the blog, and I didn’t actually post anything on the blog! Ack!   I suppose that means this evening I should strive for a couple posts to make up for it… or at least get in world and take some pictures 😀

Jun 172013


Once again it’s Monday and time for Strawberry Singh’s blog meme. I skipped last week, while I really enjoyed the movie posters I couldn’t for the life of me think of a single movie, so I set that one aside.  This week is much easier, she asks us 10 Weird Questions 😀  Make a copy of the questions and post your answers, then dash over to Strawberry’s blog and leave your URL in the comments so we can all check it out!

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It’s one of those days

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Jun 152013


Try as I might I could never get all of me to rez today. The skin would appear, but not the clothes. The clothes would rez but not the skin. None of the alphas would rez at all.  I was afraid to leave my skybox because I wasn’t sure what I would look like to anyone else…   Continue reading »