Jul 052013

Having written that relatively long post about selfies I have come to realize something. I really need to learn how to write just a bit faster, I get an idea and it takes me forever to get it written out, then another dozen forevers before I hit publish, because I keep revising and rethinking everything.

  2 Responses to “Raven’s Random Thoughts”

  1. IDK Raven, I can’t say you’re exactly wrong here… but I really like posts like your Selfie post.

    In my own case… I really want to do a post a day… but a post takes me forever… so it’s either impossible… or a fulltime job… If I could find a way to be faster, that’d really be great. So far I haven’t found it…

    • I think I get so preoccupied with constantly revising a post that I end up spending the entire day fiddling with it, and then I don’t have time to go in world so I can actually find new things to blog about xD

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