Jul 072013

This was one of those lazy days, where you just want to sit around and listen to music, read magazines, and just chill. I also intended to go in world and be a tourist today but I got distracted and ended up making gifs and screencaps and losing track of time instead. Ah well, still relaxing and fun, and easier on my Linden balance.

I did want to show off a couple of little things, just because they were so much fun for me.  Most of the time I buy things in SL that I could never have in RL, either because they are far too expensive, or the laws of physics and current technology wouldn’t allow them to exist. But sometimes I see things that I have to buy because they replicate something I have in RL that I’m really fond of, and I just love the idea of having my avvie share some of my accessories.

I found the the little yellow record storage case for 45’s from %Percent at the Home Show. It’s a perfect, though slightly less worn, copy of the record case I still have, that I remember carrying around all when I was in junior high, mumbly-some years ago. I love it! 😀


I meant to mention the smiley face necklace the other day, but I ended up talking about Selfies in general, so let me just take another shot of it because it’s cute! When I saw the little Yummy Ball Chain necklace with the Happy Face on a blog a couple weeks ago I had to run to Collabor88 to get it, because I have one just like it, right down to the ball chain.

I have a weakness for smiley faces, I use the emoticons far too often, I punctuate informal text conversations with them, and if I see little smiley faces in RL I will probably consider buying them. So my little happy face SL necklace can now match my little RL necklace here…

2013-06-25 12

Feeling happy 😀

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