Jul 232013

Okay, I’ve got the bucket… now I just need to make my list…

I’ve begun to look forward to Monday over the past few months, because it means that Strawberry Singh will post a new meme! I’ve not participated in every one of them but I’ve tried to do as many as I could, and I’m going to hold her partially responsible for keeping me blogging. 😀

In today’s meme she ask us what is on our SL bucket list. This was pretty easy, although I’ve never tried to make a bucket list for SL or RL before. I often think of things I’d like to do one of these days, but I am a master of procrastination. So here is a list of things that I’d like to do, hope to do, plan to do, or just intend to get around to it…

Meme Instructions: Share at least 5 items on your Second Life Bucket List and try and complete one of the items on the list this week. Don’t forget to leave a link to your list in the comments on Strawberry’s blog so we all can come by and check it out!

1. Own an island. I’m going to admit right away that this isn’t really much of a bucket list item, it’s mostly just a wishful thinking item because it’s quite impossible at the moment and very unlikely to happen in the future unless Linden Lab drops their land prices dramatically. But in a perfect world I’d absolutely love to have my own island to landscape, and decorate, and try to make into a beautiful place just so I could hang around and enjoy, and take pretty pictures.

2. Learn how to create poses and animations. I’ve made a few really, really simple ones, but I’d love to do better.

3. Learn how to create mesh. This is a something I’d really like to master. I tried to learn some 3D modeling a few years ago so I could make simple sculpts, but I never really delved into it very far. I don’t really have an urge to make clothes, but I would sometimes like to make little knicknacks and things just for my own amusement.

4. Give fantasy, or scifi, or historical based RP a try. This one I avoid mostly because I’m just not ready to put myself out there and join a group, and I’ve never tried text or SL roleplaying before so I have no idea how to go about it (I don’t think you can really draw a comparison with tabletop RPGs.) I have a few alts who do nothing more than stand around and pose for my pics from time to time, and they’d be ideal for use as RP alts. This is definitely not a do within a week thing, as it’s still a pretty scary proposition for me. One day, though.

5. Go to more events. I have often told my hub we need to log in and go to more shows because it can be fun to sit and listen to a live musician. But I rarely ever go anywhere, and it seems that the only artists I do hear are acoustic based folk or jazz related. This is mostly because the people I’ve gotten to know tend towards promoting/playing in these genres, and I’m not complaining because the performers I see are great, but it would be fun to listen to other musical styles. Maybe something a little harder, if there’s anything out there.

Now let’s see if I can figure out my RL bucket list…

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