Jul 292013

This weekend the tiny community at Raglan Shire held their Wootstock concert festival, featuring two days of music and waffles! Woot! On Sunday afternoon my hub Natureszen assumed his tiny identity and sat in on the bongos with the Crash Rhino Band. Of course I had to get in front of the stage so I could cheer him on and swoon… I always wanted to marry a rock star you know. 😉

Attitude, baby. I got it.

He even brought along his tiny shoulder pal and gave him a guitar to join in the fun. And he’s got the “I’m way too cool” rock star vibe going on here.

Of course once he was offstage we had to dance!  I think my husband could do with a little less of me looking at his tiny self and telling him “OMG you’re sooo cuuute!” quite so often, but, well, he is! 😀

I thought today I’d be a wee elephant. I’m feeling pretty cute too. I made myself some glam eyelashes, upsized a pair of my biggie glasses, and have my cool tatted up tusks going on (we created some cover-up tusks to fit over the no mod originals on both avs, so we could customize them.)

We each have several tiny avatars and love to run around the grid from time to time, but we’ve really never spent enough time in the tiny community to learn the culture. Sometimes we’re not quite up to speed on the chat references and gestures, but I’m always impressed by how friendly, welcoming, and fun loving everyone is. Not to mention how adorable they all are! 😀

After the set by Crash we stayed to enjoy Ganjo Mokeev , then Keeba Tammas, who finished up the live performances of the day. I wish we’d made it in on Saturday as well so we could have enjoyed more of the music, but hanging out Sunday afternoon was lots of fun, and a rock concert is always awesome! The sim was completely full most of the time, it took a few tries for us to get in, and a lot of things never did fully rez for me despite my best efforts, but even with a few gray avatars and some fuzzy textures I had a blast. 🙂

Wootstock is over, but Raglan Shire and all of it’s adjoining sims are always worth a long visit!


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