Jul 302013

What time is it? Monday meme time! Well, okay, technically it’s Tuesday by now, but you know what I mean! It’s time for Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme. 🙂 Today we are taking Flat Rodvik with us on adventures around the grid 😀

Rodvik turned out to be very convenient and portable.

If you have kids, or friends with kids, you may have been introduced to Flat Stanley, a little paper cutout boy who gets mailed to friends and relatives in other cities, and they send back his photo adventures. I had lots of fun taking Flat Stanley around my city for a friend’s daughter several years ago, and when Strawberry challenged us to take a cardboard cutout of Rodvik Linden out for some fun I thought this was the cutest meme yet!  (Now watch Strawberry give us another hard one next week!)

I picked up my Flat Rodvik from Strawberry’s marketplace store and immediately quizzed him about where he might like to go, but he didn’t offer any input. I was tempted to print him off an take him on some adventures through the real world, but I thought instead perhaps he’d like to check out a couple of landmarks in SL, so we turned to the destination guide and off we flew.

Our first stop was at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  Rodvik seemed content to pose for photos, but I couldn’t tell if he was having a good time or not.  I must admit he’s a lot quieter than I’d expected.

Mount Rushmore didn’t seem terribly exciting for Rodvik, so we jetted off to Stonehenge Rebuilt.  I found it really fascinating, but Rodvik just stood quietly off to the side and waited patiently while I looked around.  He seemed lost in thought, and I’m sure he was pondering deep philosophical questions.

I came to the conclusion that Rodvik was probably tired, and perhaps a little hungry. He did quite a lot of sightseeing with other bloggers all day Monday, and it was taking it’s toll on him. I decided the best thing was to just let him relax and enjoy a picnic. He did still seem a little tense, but I’m sure he’ll unwind after a few sandwiches.

If you want to take Rodvik out for some fun on the grid (after he has a chance to rest, of course) don’t forget to go back to Strawberry’s blog and leave your url in the comments of her post!

  4 Responses to “Adventures with Flat Rodvik”

  1. That first pic is just epic! LOL

  2. LOL he seems to fit in with Mount Rushmore & Stonehenge for some reason 😉

  3. He just really wanted to be a tourist, I was sure of it 😀

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