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Sep 272013

This past Wednesday brought an official blog post about the SL Share viewer with a new post to Facebook option. In general I don’t use the official viewer very often because I prefer the tweaks in the third party viewers, but I thought it might be fun to download it and see how this new feature is going to work. It’s new, it’s shiny, so even if I’m not sure it’s a feature I’ll ever use much I still have to check it out. 😀

In the SL Share viewer the new shiny is, of course, the option to link your Second Life account to Facebook so you can post directly from a dialog box within SL, rather than cutting and pasting SLURLs or saving and uploading photos. Sadly you can’t link this to a Facebook Page, it has to be tied to a personal profile, which I found a little disappointing because I’d be more likely to use this with a page than my profile.

Connecting to Facebook is easy, you log in and give it permission to read your already public data, to post, then select the audience who will see the posts (public, friends, custom friend lists, only you, etc.) And like any other Facebook app, if you decide you want to change the post audience you can go into privacy settings for apps and update, or delete it entirely if you decide you’d rather not use it anymore.



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Sep 232013

Music has always been extremely important to me. A favorite band or song can have an immediate impact on my mood, it can recharge me if I’m having trouble focusing, calm me if I’m stressed, inspire me to create something, or just provide a soundtrack for my day. My husband has never connected to music like I have, he enjoys it but he’ll always choose to turn to a favorite movie to unwind and relax, I always go for my music collection. Sometimes I can’t even really explain what it is about a particular song, or a band, that moves me so much. It’s just something I feel, something that can make me burst into tears when I hear the first few notes at a concert.

I haven’t spent nearly as much time getting to know the SL music scene, though it’s always one of my goals. I do love to tour any music related builds though, from little record stores to full sim installations like Musiclandia at LEA-11. Music related builds combined with really cool visuals and opportunities for photos? Bliss… Continue reading »


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Sep 202013

One of my other ideas for last Monday’s surrealism blog challenge… I’d originally planned to use the Vespertine- float inside my dream boat from the Designers United event, but ended up going for a different shot. I still wanted to play around with this one a little. 🙂


Sep 042013

I was writing in my last blog post about how I need to remember to write down my windlight settings, then after I posted I saw that Strawberry Singh’s blog challenge of the week asks us what windlights we like to use! She’s psychic, I think…  I guess this is the universe adding an extra reminder for me to pay attention to what I’m doing.

Compared to many of the talented SLers who post their work on blogs and on Flickr, I am far from a master photographer. That doesn’t stop me from taking pics constantly, though, and being able to play with the atmosphere via the windlight settings is wonderful. I still tend towards a lot of Photoshop or Light Room processing (or occasionally Pixlr Express if I just want to add some instagrammy style filters), but that’s never as much fun as moving the clouds around, getting the sky just right, or changing the look of the water. For this post, as I did with the batch from my previous post, all the pics I’m including are unprocessed, uncropped, and just standing on their windlight settings alone.

I was thrilled to see that as of Sept. 1 the Calas Galadhon Park sims are open again! Could there be a better place to take some lovely landscape pics? These are some of the most beautiful places in SL, and always a great choice for photography or sightseeing. If you drop by please consider leaving a donation towards the upkeep, and to show the sim owners that we really do appreciate their work providing such a lovely group of sims for the enjoyment of everyone.

Calas Galadhon under the Greed2 preset.

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