Sep 022013

I woke up today to the sound of a car alarm going off somewhere in the neighborhood. It was far enough away that we weren’t certain of the location, but close enough that it was extremely difficult to ignore. Eventually it stopped, I suspect either the owners finally came home or the battery gave out, but after listening to that for so long it seemed like a good idea to go somewhere quiet, peaceful, and free of car alarms.

I’ve been seeing Roche in various photo streams I follow, but I hadn’t managed to visit before. I thought I’d leave all of the shots totally unprocessed and uncropped, and just show the sim as I saw it when I was wandering around.


There are a lot of little details that make it well worth zooming up and exploring the builds. I spent more time wandering the countryside than inspecting the buildings, the next visit will require some more poking around in the buildings. 😀

As well done as the buildings are, I always have a fondness for landscaping details. I love the coastlines, the little overgrowth of brush around the dock, and the stands of trees here and there.


 These quiet countryside builds always seem to feel really nice with soft, hazy Windlights. I keep trying to remind myself that I should write down which ones I’m using, especially if I don’t add extra filtering to it outside of SL, but I never seem to remember to do that. I’ve always liked running photos through Light Room, and sometimes I forget just how nice SL can look all by itself.  Someday if the SL integration with the Oculus Rift works out well, and the price is within range, this is the sort of place I’d love to just wander around in.  

A few more pics to be found at my Flickr.


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