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Music has always been extremely important to me. A favorite band or song can have an immediate impact on my mood, it can recharge me if I’m having trouble focusing, calm me if I’m stressed, inspire me to create something, or just provide a soundtrack for my day. My husband has never connected to music like I have, he enjoys it but he’ll always choose to turn to a favorite movie to unwind and relax, I always go for my music collection. Sometimes I can’t even really explain what it is about a particular song, or a band, that moves me so much. It’s just something I feel, something that can make me burst into tears when I hear the first few notes at a concert.

I haven’t spent nearly as much time getting to know the SL music scene, though it’s always one of my goals. I do love to tour any music related builds though, from little record stores to full sim installations like Musiclandia at LEA-11. Music related builds combined with really cool visuals and opportunities for photos? Bliss…


The sim is filled with sound, it changes from area to area, so keeping your volume on is a must. As suggested, I kept my draw distance low to focus in on the items nearby and minimize builds from the neighboring sims popping into view.  There’s a lot to see and I’m sure I missed out on 90% of the interactivity by not playing around with everything, but I was having so much fun swinging my camera around I didn’t think to check each piece.


Much as I consider myself a music fan I never could quite get the hang of playing any instruments in RL. I sometimes wish I’d had enough patience to practice harder, but it doesn’t matter, I’m content to just be a listener. Here, of course, I’m pretty sure I’m a virtuoso. Mm hmm. Prog rock fan that I am, I couldn’t resist playing with the moog.

I am, of course, going through my Emerson, Lake and Palmer repertoire.  Well, mentally, anyway. 😀


 Some of the items in the jam area are playable, but it’s also fun to just wander around and get that musician vibe going on.


 I love when there are little details to zoom in on!



More images from Musiclandia at my Flickr

Visit Musiclandia: LEA11/227/197/22






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