Feeling Halloweeny

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Oct 292013

Halloween is nearly here, so it’s only fitting that Strawberry Singh meme this week is The Halloween Meme! I tried to find something costume-y to wear for the pic, but this year I haven’t really bought any outfits that are Halloween related and I can’t afford to replenish the Linden supply for at least a couple weeks, so no shopping for me. Undaunted, I used the same costume finding method I have in RL: dig in the back of the closet and see what I can put together, and add wings. I think it turned out well considering that everything except the boots and hair is from 2008-2009. Continue reading »

Sneaking off to see what’s in the clouds

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Oct 232013

All the talk about the Second Life TOS changes in the past few weeks have reminded me that there are some other worlds out there.  I have no intention of leaving Second Life until somebody shuts off the lights and we all have to go home, but in the meantime if I see something that’s new and different from SL I try to take a look at it. Or, in the case of Cloud Party, revisit it to see what’s been going on there lately.


Last year my husband/fellow virtual world explorer and I both signed up for Cloud Party with our Facebook accounts, at the time that was the only option and I recall it frustrated those who didn’t want to tie their RL accounts to virtual worlds. They do allow other methods of creating an account now, but fortunately the Facebook log in still works so I was able to hop back in. My profile was still there, untouched for the past sixteen months, and I was amused to find my snapshots from that day still sitting in my avatar profile photo album. Continue reading »

Home Sweet Home

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Oct 182013

Last weekend we decided it was necessary to go on a building and redecorating spree. It started innocently enough, I couldn’t resist the Autumn Cottage from Trompe Loeil at Collabor88 because it was so cute, and I wanted to set it out and decorate it for the season. Then I wanted to put some trees around it, and my hub went on a landscape products shopping spree of his own and swapped out our old floating island for some new ones, and more trees… suddenly we were decorating an entirely new home. Now I am absolutely in love with this house and our whole little area here and I have to show it off!
\(^_^)/ Continue reading »

Best friends

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Oct 082013

The meme this week from Strawberry Singh was in two parts, the first of which I did in my previous post. Because part one of her meme was an idea from a good friend of hers, in her second option she asked if we’d like to blog about a close friend in SL as well. I usually bypass any blog challenges that ask us to talk about our closest pals in SL, not because I don’t know anyone – I count some really wonderful folks among my friends  – but because I’ve never really gotten to know anyone well enough to become close. I often regret that, but I suppose it’s an expected side effect of being too socially anxious to attempt to go beyond just exchanging greetings and small talk now and then.

So, while it’s probably cheating to count him as such for the blog meme, I think I’ll gush a bit over my husband because he’s most definitely my closest friend in SL, RL, and any other L we can think of. And I think his avatar is a cutiepie too, so I just like to share his pictures.  😀

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