Oct 042013

Yay for more Autumn sims! I’ve seen a number of people mention Small town Green lately so I scooted over and roamed about for quite some time. The fall colors are lovely and the pumpkins are impressive.

As I was taking pics my husband asked me if I was going to share any of them to Facebook, since that’s an option now. Heh. I noticed that Linden Lab was promoting the Share beta viewer on their Facebook page again, and I wonder how it’s doing so far.

Facebook sharing is going to bypass me I think, because I don’t have enough friends who know about SL to include it on my timeline. It might be fun, but my perception that nobody would care is going to keep me from using it. Even though I am feeling pretty damn cute and share-worthy here.

This has prompted me to think about how I always try to compartmentalize my hobbies, so instead of sharing everything I like in one or two spots, I split it up all over the place. Even though a large part of me really wants to just blend it all together and say, “Today lets look at some SL pics from a really cool sim. Tomorrow I want to share RL photos I took at a park. The next day we’ll discuss craft projects.”

I think what stops me is that I hate to bug people with content that I assume nobody wants to see, and I constantly remind myself to keep things relevant to whatever audience I have on a given platform. So, for example, crafts and decorating ideas on Pinterest, RL photography on Instagram, fan stuff on Tumblr. Just because I love something doesn’t mean I need to share it on every outlet, I tell myself. I may think System of a Down is awesome and love Daron Malakian with all my heart and want to squee about it, but I’m not going to start fangirling all over this blog (even if I kinda want to sometimes) because if anyone does read this they aren’t here to see that. Likewise, the followers on Tumblr who do want to see that probably would be bored silly and start unfollowing me if I started going on about topics relevant to a woman in my age group, so I steer those topics elsewhere.

On one hand there is the desire to make personal blogs (as opposed to strictly topical blogs) into something that reflects your personality and interests, on the other there is the fear that you’ll alienate readers if you don’t keep to a theme. I never used to give a second thought to how I mix RL and SL photos on Flickr, for example, I always treated it as a storage site and handy place to share links to photo sets. I never saw it as remotely social in the past, but now that I am being followed by various SLers and I’m posting a lot more SL content I’ve begun to feel a little bad about still wanting to use it for RL photos as well, as if I’m cluttering up the feed of avatars who didn’t follow to see photos of wild flowers in a city park.

Perhaps I worry too much and over-think these things.

What I’m noticing is that the more I get attached to this blog, the more I want it to be all encompassing. Maybe the key is, if I want to blog about some topic not related to SL, to just try to produce some good SL shots that can be at least vaguely relevant, and then blog my little heart out. Right?

Oh, this blogging thing is still a mystery to me sometimes…


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