Oct 072013

I’ve often wondered what my avatars do when I log off.  Strawberry Singh wonders about this too, part one of her Monday Meme asks us what our avs are up to after we log out. This is a tricky challenge, avatars tend to be quite secretive and I had to install spycams to monitor the house when I wasn’t present.

I discovered that four of my avvies had snuck back into the house and were in the living room giggling and chatting about  some new virtual world that they’d been using, and they seemed really excited to log in again.  Fortunately my hidden camera was at just the right angle to capture the log in screen, and I zoomed in a little to make sure I could see it well…


I’m just a little afraid now. On the other hand, this does explain a lot about how my day has been going….


  5 Responses to “The Secret Lives of Avatars”

  1. OMG LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL that’s too funny!

  2. LOL! Too bad you can’t read the log in and password 😀

  3. the lil hackers they are hehe

  4. How cute they are, conspiring to peek in on you in FL! Lil’ hackers, indeed!

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