Dec 132013


Dear Natureszen,

I spent a lot of time in world today, I wandered around some of the winter sims and tried to take some pics. Calas Galadhon is lovely, though as I watched the couples skating, or passing me on their cross country skis, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wished I could turn to you and say “Log in and come join me!” How I miss sharing these little things. I know you’d be encouraging me to buzz around to the picturesque sims and take lots of photos and carry on and do things, and it is a nice escape, but I miss our adventures together.

I put our little tree out. I’m sure there are newer, snazzier ones this year, but this was one we set out last year, so I think I’ll just rez it this year too.  I thought about changing our landscape to winter, but I didn’t have the heart to log your avvie in to change the textures. It’s hard to think about making changes, in SL and in RL. I just can’t bring myself to do any decorating in our real house, so SL seemed the perfect place to make a quiet little Christmas corner.

Merry Christmas, honey. I know you’re with me in every thought I have. You can’t imagine how much I miss you this year.

Loving you forever,
your Ravensong

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