Dec 312013

Seemed to be a good plan to just party at home with the Alt tonight.

How did 2014 creep up on me so fast? I’ve barely registered that time has passed since November, and now January 1 is a half hour away.  I guess it’s time to break out the drinks and party!

I was thinking about going in world all weekend, and I wanted to check up on my poor, neglected malt. Once upon a time he was my hub’s second avvie, but I quickly stole him away for my personal photo pose pal and he soon became entirely mine. I was sure he’d want a chance to celebrate the new year with his partner, me#2, but as he tends to be a homebody it felt more comfortable to just have a nice night in with a bottle of wine. He did make some noises about wanting to go shopping for a new wardrobe, but I think that can wait. I still have to outfit  #2 with mid height feet so I can get new shoes, and maybe update her to the Slink hands. I’m a little ambivalent about the hands, I’m not a fashion blogger so I’m not sure it’s really something I need. The feet, though, are necessary. Oh yes. Fashion resolutions are important as one heads into a new year!

I’m hoping that I’ll get back into working with this blog again because I really enjoyed it this past year. The 30 Days of blogging this summer was tons of fun and I loved getting to meet some of the other bloggers. Among my blogging resolutions this year are to try to visit other blogs more often and leave comments rather than just sitting here in my little space and hoping someone drops by from time to time. There are so many good blogs that I love to check on but I am terrible about leaving any sort of comment, or even a ‘like’ for their posts. This must change! And of course I want to try to develop a more regular posting schedule, I know I won’t get to a post a day status on this one again unless I try another challenge, but I’m hoping for at least once a week. 


Here honey, let me pour some wine on your forehead to celebrate the new year! *hic*

At the moment 2014 still seems a little scary and I have no idea what it will bring in Real Life, or in Second Life, for that matter. But my hope for everyone is that this year will bring good times with friends, happy moments, goals achieved, and maybe at least one impossible dream come true.

Happy New Year!

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