Feb 032014

I was excited to get to work on this week’s blog meme from Strawberry Singh: she asks her readers to try a Black & White Portrait ChallengeI love to take self portraits and I enjoy experimenting with color and effect filters, so trying to create an interesting black and white shot was a lot of fun. I don’t do a lot of b&w photos in SL or in RL, but I’ve always liked high contrast shots and thought I’d go for that look.

After looking through various poses and styles I couldn’t decide which ones I liked the best, so I’m tossing in a couple of shots. 😀  I had originally wanted to try one with a dark hairstyle as well, but I liked the way the blondes lit up with some of the windlight settings, so they’ve both ended up in similar styles.

Both images were processed in Light Room, the only editing was to crop, remove the color, and adjust some of the levels for contrast.

Here are the raw screenshots, cropped but otherwise entirely untouched.


As always, many thanks to Strawberry for the blog challenges! ♥

  2 Responses to “Black & White Portrait Challenge”

  1. omg I love how your hair is like glowing. Very neat effect!

  2. I love these both! Seriously high glamour!

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