Dance With Me

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Mar 292014

My involuntary vacation from SL has made me very sad this month. It never fails to amaze me how when I can’t do something it makes it a thousand times more appealing. That’s certainly been the case with Second Life lately, if I had easy access I’d take it for granted and put off logging in. Can’t explore at all? Massive withdrawal, especially since I really wanted to go to Skin Fair. *Pauses to cry a bit.*  I’ve been wondering if I might still be able to visit on this machine if I set draw distance to 32, turn all the eye candy off, and cross my fingers and hope really hard…

Oh well. Since I couldn’t manage a brand new pic for Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme about dancing  I’ve gone back in time and found one of my older shots that I’d always liked, mostly because it was just a fun memory. We didn’t dance too often, but it was a good bet if we were involved in any sort of a couples dance I was trying to take pics of us because we were so darn cute. I always loved to watch our avs dance. ♥︎

dance with me04182010

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So I Gave SL Go a Try…

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Mar 252014

I didn’t originally have much interest in the free trial for SL Go. I’d been following the news with interest, but I hadn’t considered trying it out until I found myself without a computer that could run SL. Now, while my laptop waits for new parts, I’ve had to resort to using my hub’s aged iMac and it is not a fan of Second Life. I can log in and putter around in my skybox, but even then I have to keep graphics low and my fps is in the low single digits. Exploring is not an option at all, and I was beginning to miss playing virtual tourist. It seemed like a good time to try out the SL Go free trial, both on the desktop and the mobile, and see if it might be a good temporary way to access SL, at least until my laptop is fixed. I was seeing a lot of reviews about how amazing everything looked, so I signed up for the trial with high hopes.

Having now used all of my twenty free minutes, my experience with the trial convinced me that one of these applies: 1) All the people raving about how amazing this is must be using totally different software, or 2) I’m way too picky and hard to please. Continue reading »

Is it spring yet?

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Mar 082014

I am so completely ready for warm weather, in RL and in SL. I finally took some time to de-winterize my SL house and make it a little greener and warmer looking. It felt pretty good, so it progressed into a bit of stealth landscaping at ground level. That was a thing the husband and I would do from time to time, we’d wait until the sim was empty, then buzz around the island and swap out trees or reroute waterways and install little groves and tranquil ponds on a whim. Sometimes I’m surprised we’ve remained on the estate manager list for so many years. 😀 Continue reading »