Jan 082015

Wow, it’s dusty in here. I was surprised to see how long it had been since I blogged anything, but sometime in late summer it slipped away from me. I could contemplate the reasons why, but I’ll save that for another day. I’ll just sweep the dust bunnies aside and jump back in! ūüėÄ

Of course¬†it was easier to start posting again¬†when¬†I noticed Strawberry Singh has posted a brand new blog meme and will be back with new challenges. ¬†Yay! This week she’s asked us to do our best yearbook smile. ¬†How could I resist?
It’s always a challenge to make the default smile look somewhat normal,¬†but after playing with my face sliders a bit I think I’m ready to start off 2015 with a cheery smile.

Hooray for new blog challenges! Thank you Berry!


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