Feb 092015

Taking important photos for blog.

This was a weekend of birthdays. Thursday was my main avatar’s 8th rezday, Friday would have been my late husband’s birthday. My rezday was quiet, I logged in, bought myself a couple of presents, and puttered around a bit. The birthday was a bit harder, and will probably always be a challenge, but I keep trying to move forward and be the confident person my husband always believed I was becoming. He is still my muse, silently encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zone, to do more things, follow my dreams, be more outgoing. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I still withdraw into a shell.

I think the Slelfie turned out well!

I’m trying to push beyond my comfort zone this month by taking part in Medici University at LEA23. I was on the fence about trying any new projects, but an IM from Vanessa Blaylock prompted me to go for it. I had such fun with her Avatar Blogger challenge a little over a year ago that I thought this would be fun as well, and so I set up my little studio space and decided to list myself under creative writing. I’m not sure if that’s the best classification for me right now, while I used to write stories all the time, and hope to do so again, for the past year I’ve mostly just done therapeutic writing to help myself get through the days. I’m still not sure I’m in the right headspace for creative writing, but for me writing in any form is good. Perhaps just being part of this will urge me to sit down and do it more often.

MU looking very colorful, with my gazebo in the lower right.

I still must explore the MU campus and meet some of my neighbors.  While being around creative people might be good to get me back into a regular writing mood, just being around people might be as helpful. In my offline life I tend to be a bit introverted and shy, but I have no trouble being chatty and making small talk. Online, and in SL in particular, my social anxiety goes off the charts. I’ve never been sure why that is, but any time I have an opportunity to try to work on that I try to take it. Hey, being at a university is all about learning new things, right?

A room with a view.

Besides, how great is this little space? I’ve always wanted a little gazebo studio to write in. The entire sim is full of wonderful spaces, and from my front door I can look out over LEA22 and the colorful build that appeared recently. I’ll have to learn more about that too. 😀

Learn more at  Medici University or visit the campus at LEA23

  4 Responses to “Selfies at MU”

  1. Hiya! Izzy has asked us to get together and act like we know what we’re doing!

    I am so touched by your background, your loss. How marvelous that you and your husband shared virtual reality together! I am familiar with such loss, although I’ve had much more time to heal. And SL has certainly been part of that healing.

    I will definitely scroll through as time permits to see what else you’ve written about. It looks like we’ve both been spurned on to undertake challenges by the amazing VB! I wonder if I have a piccie of us in a conga line during the 30 Days celebration?

    Innit wonderful to have an office/studio/nest at MU? I like your gazebo. Mine is chaotic.

    I am so glad you’re attitude is “writing in any form is good.” It’s not just therapeutic for me, it’s almost life itself. I have so needed to be challenged to read other writers as Izzy has instructed us, but I still see our proper instruction for anyone looking to us for advice in writing is to do it.


    Write like your life depends on it.

    • Thank you so much for the comment! I had been on the fence about getting an MU studio because I wasn’t sure I’d be in world enough to really take part, and there is a bit of social anxiety that sometimes keeps me from fully joining in things- my hub used to tease me because I used to flee if I saw a green dot that even looked like it *might* be moving towards me. I’m really glad VB sent me an im to ask if I was interested because it gave me enough courage to jump in. Now I’m simultaneously nervous and really looking forward to getting to know everybody.

      I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone’s blogs too, some I’ve followed for a while but others are new to me so I will enjoy discovering new people.

      I really don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for writing, especially in the past year. I think it was one of the only things that kept me going… I used to post my (rl) blog links for my FB friends and was always surprised when they told me thought this was such a strong, brave thing to do. To me I guess it just felt like such a natural way to work through my grief that it didn’t seem the least bit brave, I just wanted to talk and tell people about my husband or things that were happening,even if it was often a bit of a ramble (like this reply!)

      I’m looking forward to getting to know you in SL and seeing how our term at MU goes. 😀

  2. Yes! We are in this picture!


    And OMG! I’m in your blogroll!! *hugs!*

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