I’m just another virtual tourist in Second Life, taking pictures and occasionally shopping, and chattering about random topics.  Second Life and I have been friends since February 2007, which I suppose puts me somewhere in the “midbie” range of people who flooded after they opened up free accounts. My original account is Ravensong Merlin, (though I’m not really using Raven as much as my second avvie these days.) My husband sent me in to survey the world and two days later he signed up, within a couple of months we were happily buying land and trying to build our stores 😀 Eventually we both phased out selling things and sold off our land, but we still loved the potential to create things and see what other people have designed. Sadly in late 2013 I lost my husband and SL adventuring partner quite suddenly and unexpectedly, but his presence will be with me forever.

The blog name came about mostly because I thought it sounded cute. A few years ago I chose ‘virtuality’ as the url id for my Flickr stream, I’m a bit surprised it was available because it seemed like it would have been snagged already, and since then I’ve felt I needed to incorporate the name into a blog. The Chaotic part is mostly how I suspected my blogging habits would turn out, with topics all over the place and a haphazard posting schedule. This seems to be the case, but I’m always working on improving that.

Meanwhile I juggle a couple other (non sl focused) blogs, one mostly dealing with losing a husband, another that is silly and fangirly and my place to go when I need to look at happy things. I also attempt to draw, write lots more, make gifs from concert clips to entertain myself and friends, and am always adding books to my intended reading list. Occasionally I even finish reading them.  🙂

Originally I started this for my own entertainment and to learn a bit about WordPress, and found it was alternately lots of fun and terribly helpful to my thought processes, and if anyone else happens to enjoy it too then bonus! I am glad to have you here! \(^_^)/ Thank you for stopping by and happy exploring.