Yearbook photos and random chatter

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May 092016

For Strawberry Singh’s 9th rezday she is doing a yearbook photo challenge!  Happy Rezday Berry!! She’s three months younger than me. Hard to believe I’ve been wandering around Second Life for nine years now, and despite my aging and increasingly grouchy laptop it’s still just as much fun as ever.  😀


Lately whenever I am logged in as Ravensong I have been sticking to tiny-ish avatars, most recently the unbelievably cute patchwork toy elephant from Abranimations, but I thought I’d be my old self for a few minutes to get a good pic. It was a bit odd to put the regular av form back on, lately I’ve felt a bit disconnected from Ravensong. I’m not sure what it is… though I suspect that part of my reluctance to be in world is that in recent months I’ve had the occasional mildly flirty guys begin to chat with me, and while they’ve all been unfailingly polite for some reason it freaks me out. I do occasionally enjoy having a nice chat, but it still makes me want to log off and hide (or I start talking nonstop about my late husband until my conversation partner finds a reason to dash off.) I’ve no idea why I am this way. Perhaps I associate this account so strongly with the time my hub and I spent in world that I can’t ever consider interacting with someone who might flirt, even in the most innocent fashion. A good friend once told me one of the reasons she chose to avoid human avatars in favor of being a full time tiny was because she had no interest in getting hit on. I suspect that’s what is driving my desire to find cute little avatars. I can log in, talk to my friends if they are on, tend to my landscapes, and all is peaceful.

On the other hand I can’t give up my shopping addiction, so I have been spending far more time in world with my alts, who have no friends beyond my RL connections, and who spend most of their time at shopping events, or standing around the house looking adorable, or trying out dances. 😀 They thought, since this was a yearbook meme, that they’d throw in their go at a fabulous shot, and said they were off to the prom. I hope they don’t stay out too late.




The yearbook pic

Hair: Dura Boys & Girls 48
Skin: League –  Erin Medium
Sweater: Purple Moon Creations
Eyeglasses: K_gs
Eyes: Ikon

The Couple:

Hair: Mina –  Gael
Suit: Deadwool – The Dandy
Skin: Nivaro –  Cunov Summertone
Eyes: Ikon

Hair: Magika – Honey Whiskey
Dress: Candy Doll Lara
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Alexa black pearl choker
Body: Maitreya Lara
Hands: Slink
Skin: League Isla Medium
Eyes: Ikon

Me? Never! Ever!

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Mar 252016

*blows dust off neglected and nearly forgotten blog…*

Omg, I looked away from my blog feeds for a few days, come back and see that Strawberry Singh posted a Monday meme! ♥!!  You have no idea how much I missed those! And I missed this blog too, even though I have clearly neglected it for several months. Everything was turned upside down shortly after my last posts. The owners of my home sim had to let it go, then I found a new home and spent a couple months helping a friend by landscaping and decorating her meditation park and trying to make it a worthy successor to the old sim, and then I got a new (RL) job that has taken away all the excess free time I used to use hanging around SL. I still haven’t found my balance yet. And I really missed this blog, even if nobody but me looks at it!

I was really excited to see the new challenge, because it gives me a reason to come back here and write something! Yays! So here we are with Berry’s Never Have I Ever Challenge, and my take away from these questions is that I am an anti social recluse who would rather park my avvie in my house and try on different outfits for hours at a time, than go out and be sociable. Oh well. It’s all good! 😀

On to the questions…

  1. Never have I ever had sex, in Second Life. – A couple of times I had persuaded my hub to hop on poseballs to see what the animations would do, but we were never “equipped” so we just clicked through the different poses, got bored, and went back to building stuff. Sometimes I’ve logged a couple of accounts on simultaneously and I sit my avatars on racy furniture for giggles (and because my malt is darn cute and the perfect low maintenance boyfriend, lol) I suppose this is kind of like how you  can direct your Sims characters to make out and woohoo, and I suppose technically it counts, though I’m sure it’s not what people seem to mean if they talk about having sex in SL. If we mean an intentional encounter with another person, where you do text and emotes, then no, I have never done that.
  2. Never have I ever visited a sex sim, in Second Life. – Not that I’m aware of.
  3. Never have I ever been an escort or stripper, in Second Life. – Never to either.
  4. Never have I ever been in porn videos in Second Life. – Never lol.
  5. Never have I ever done things that may be illegal in the real world, in Second Life. – I have pushed friends off sky platforms and watched them plummet towards the ground. 😀  I suspect if I tried to do something similar in real life it might be frowned upon by law enforcement. I am absolutely certain that if I drove on a RL highway the way I drive when I get in an SL vehicle I would have my licence taken away lol.
  6. Never have I ever created an ALT for secret activities, in Second Life. – I have done this. The secret alt wasn’t for any underhanded purposes, though, it’s just to give me the option to shop or go sightseeing in peace and quiet and not have anybody know I’m online and IM me. Otherwise the majority of my alts are known to my friends and are for permission tests and to serve as models if I want to take posed pics with more than one avatar.
  7. Never have I ever had a one night stand, in Second Life.– Never ever. Geez, I experience enough social anxiety holding a mundane conversation about how bad the lag is on a given day. All you folks who have all this lively interaction with each other are about 1000x more outgoing than I will ever be.
  8. Never have I ever been part of a roleplay community, in Second Life. – So far I’ve never tried to RP in SL. I like the idea of storytelling but the thought of getting started is intimidating.
  9. Never have I ever discovered a new fetish, because of Second Life. – No, I haven’t.
  10. Never have I ever done things in Second Life that I wouldn’t admit to my friends or family. – Nah, I’ve never done anything that I’d be ashamed to admit, but I’ve given up trying to sell my friends on the idea of joining SL because they either don’t understand what it is or think it’s kind of silly for a grown up to be so into playing (what they perceive to be) a video game, so I rarely mention it anymore.

So there I am. What have you never ever done?



Hair: Dura – Boys&Girls*48
Sunglasses: Yummy – Miami Heat Shades
Ears: Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears
Body: Maitreya Lara
Dress: Neve  – Laced Geo 
Skin: League Erin

Hooray for mesh!

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Sep 122015

Recently one of my friends has been amused because I have a huge crush on my guy alt. She can’t giggle too much though, she fell for him too. I can’t help it. I made him way too cute, I have to log him in and admire him on a regular basis.

Now, I think I’ve made it worse on myself. I tried to resist getting the Slink Physique Male body for him. I tried, I really did. I was going to save money. I was going to budget. And besides, he’s usually dressed in tee shirts and jeans, and I told myself, “Hey, he doesn’t need a mesh body if you never actually see it.” Right?

Then I tried a demo and, well, so much for that budget.

Now I just stare at my screen and make little squeaky noises. All the times I heard men say they ran a female av because they just enjoyed looking at her more than they would a dude? Totally getting that now, I’m not sure I want to log my main in, it’s way too much fun to watch this guy walking around.

I really like the way this body is shaped. It smooths out all those odd chunky spots that plague the default body, and it’s a really nice average sized guy body type, rather than an unpleasantly overdone muscleman. The HUD is very similar to the one for the female body and is easy to work with. The body also has Omega applier support, (you do have to pick up the Omega activator HUD) and the hands and feet have been updated to include Omega compatibility also. When I picked up the skin applier for the Nivaro skin I typically keep him in I found that it applied the skin to body, hands and feet all at once, which is handy if you switch skin tones and don’t tend to save copies of your body parts for each skin you use.

The boxers he is wearing were included with the body, as well as a pair of stovepipe jeans and a basic tank, and all fit very nicely. I tried on a few of the mesh clothes in my inventory and found them to be a bit hit and miss so I think he’ll continue to spend most of his time in his default body; his normal wardrobe covers so much that it seems pointless to wear a mesh body and then alpha out everything but his neck and throat and forearms. Of course I remember thinking the same thing about my main’s Lara bod, and I realize I’ve been wearing it more often than not these days, so I’ll never say never.

Overall I’m really delighted with this body, and three cheers to Siddean Munro! Woot! Now I’m looking forward to seeing fitted clothes designed just for this so I can dress him up!

Okay, mostly I’m just looking forward to logging him in and swooning. That’s good too. 😀


other things he’s wearing:

Shoes: Phunk Lowtop Sneakers
Skin: Nivaro Cunov Summertone, Omega appliers available in the main store


Jun 132015

Some days you just wake up with an image in your head and then, of course, you must do some serious shopping to find just the right things, and then you have to look around for just the right location and try out a thousand different atmosphere settings and then you wonder how six hours passed in the span of two or three minutes. It’s just the darndest thing.

In my first couple of years in SL I spent much of my time running around in attire that would have been well suited for a Renaissance faire, but with the rise of mesh I abandoned my fantasy wear for the contemporary casual look. I’d forgot how much fun it is to dress up.

I am now very happy. ^_^

And I am in love with my dress. <3



Politely crediting:

Her dress: Senzafine  “Caterina”
Her necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Alexa Black choker pearls
Her eyes: Ikon Horizon
Her skin: League Isla medium
Her hair: Truth Courtney (pre-mesh, but I see it’s still available in their discount room for 50L a pack)

His coat: The Muses “Dragon
His ears: Sinful Needs Fae Elf Ears 4
His eyes: FATEeyes v3.0
His skin: Nivaro Cunov springtone
His hair: Truth Elysium (heavily modded) I think this is long since discontinued.

Hands: Slink

Backdrop: Skye Neist Point

Mar 102015

This week’s Strawberry Singh challenge is the First and Recent Challenge. We’re to post our first blog pic, and a recent blog pic, so we can see the changes we’ve gone through.  Rather than grab an early blog pic, which would only be a couple years old, I went further back and pulled a shot from March  2007 , when I was just a month old. I snapped my now image earlier this evening.

I think I am still wearing one of the early newbie skins here, or possibly something from a freebie pack. The clothes were all from Little Rebel, and the hair was Gurl6. At the time I thought I looked awesome, although I seemed to be having some hair sizing issues here and it’s growing out of the sides of my face. There is just a bit of a difference between then and now!

When I was looking back through pics it was interesting to watch my fashion choices. In the early days I wore a lot of contemporary casual things, but I also went for a lot of costumey clothes, faerie wings, frilly ballerina skirts, or fantasy wear. At some point, probably with the rise of mesh, I stopped dressing in quirky outfits and started dressing very much like my RL self would if I were at my goal weight and had the cash to go on a shopping spree. I suspect it was because early mesh clothes seemed to be more real life fashion based and I wanted to try out the newest thing. I certainly love my avatar wardrobe, but I do miss my offbeat clothes sometimes.

Early on in my second life I wasn’t blogging, though I did start posting pics to Flickr later in the year. Then, as now, I took a lot of selfies, and then, as now, I never post most of them.  I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at composing images, I don’t tend to take so many clueless tourist shots where I’m standing idly in front of some build. I still flirt with the idea of doing fashion pics because half my time is spent just trying on outfits and admiring myself, but I haven’t quite reached that point yet. And I’m not really sure my avatars have that much fashion sense anyway, like me they just wear what they want. 😀

Berry also asked if we’d like to join in the DearMe initiative and write a note to our teenage self. As a teen I was fortunate enough to have a family who were always supportive and told me I could do anything I set my mind to. But like many girls who carried a little extra weight around, I was teased at school and terribly self conscious so I was always afraid to do anything that would make me stand out and be noticed, because I was afraid I’d look silly and be laughed at. So what would I tell myself?

Dear Me:

You are absolutely beautiful, talented, and creative. Don’t listen to anyone when they tease you, and don’t let them shake your confidence in yourself. High school may feel rough but hang in there, when you get to college it is all going to change and you’ll meet people who are just as weird and goofy and amazing as you are. And when you worry that you’ll never have a boyfriend – just be patient because you really will met your soul mate one day. Don’t be afraid to stand out, don’t be afraid to take chances and follow your dreams. Life is going to work out beautifully for you. ♥

Your future self.

I felt too cute and had to take a full shot. I splurged on the Maitreya Lara body and I really like how I can plump it up a wee bit more, especially when I’m in fitted mesh. I may even have to start wearing more skirts and dresses when it gets a little warmer. Yes, it is a quirk I have… if it is cold outside in RL I cannot bring myself to dress my av in summery clothes because hey, if I’m cold then my avatar is cold too.

The rare attempt at image credits 😀

Blueberry Shoulder Jacket & tank top
Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans * #4 updated for Lara Mesh Body
Baiastice_London Sneakers-Print-PinkLace at the Arcade
Glasses: K_gs Sploit 1.03
Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls*48(Coffee)
Skin: League Erin Pale (no brow)
[mock]Smoothie LipColor [Burnt Peach]
IKON Horizon Eyes – Dark Gray-Green
Eyebrow/ face details tattoo layer my own

Aug 202014

Once upon a time I thought it would be fun to be a fashion blogger. I love to dress up my avatars and take pics of them in cute poses, and I love to take SL pics in general, so it seemed like it would be a perfect hobby. The fashionista thing never took off for me, though, I’m far too lazy (and can’t afford) to keep up with all the new releases, and I’m not sure I have the style sense to put together terrific outfits on a regular basis. For these reasons I don’t usually attempt fashion challenges, but I saw Kitty O’Toole’s denim challenge and thought, “But I looked so cute in that outfit I saved, I have to take a pic of that…”

Much like myself, my avvies wear denim most of the time, so the real challenge was finding something that wasn’t a pair of blue jeans. I love the little denim jacket from Coquet that I’d picked up at Fameshed a few months ago. I’ve found if I wear it in large instead of my usual medium it goes nicely over some of my other mesh clothes and doesn’t look like it’s too big, which is terrific.  The dress is from ColdLogic, with an ancient (for SL fashion) tank top peeking out underneath from Celestial Studios, probably purchased in my first year or so in SL. Hey, I still like a lot of my system texture clothes, particularly for layering under mesh. A lot of it still holds up very well, I think.

I don’t know if I’ll attempt to tackle any more days of denim, I may be a bit too fashion challenged for that! But it was fun to be fashionable today. Thank you Kitty! 😀


Credits for most everything, (even though you can’t quite see some of it…)

Dress: coldLogic – jolie.onyx
Shirt: Celestial Studios Trixie Cami Nightfall
Jacket: Coquet Denim Jacket Blue/Burnt
Shoes: {Gothica} Maria’s Wooden Sandals
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style Saria 1.00
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Fay Malla Wooden Necklace – Group 1
Hair: Dura-Girl*51 (Dark Brown)
Eyeshadow: [mock] Dalek Copper eShadow
Lipstick: [mock] Cosmetics Sweet Coral Lipstain
Skin: *League* Erin (No brow option)
Brows, portrait pendant: mine