Jun 302013

Left to right: Scarlett Luv, Wendz Tempest, Anarya Elderslie, Aarya Phantomhive, Vaneeesa Blaylock, Paypaback Writer, Zet Avril, Ravensong Merlin, Peep Sideshow Darkward, Kara Trapdoor, & Daallee

And so, Avatar Blogger Crossfit month has come to an end. I tossed my name into the pool because I knew it would give me the incentive to work on this blog more, rather than allowing it to fall into neglect as occasionally happens.  I’m happy with how things have turned out, I didn’t do tooo bad, I managed to make posts for most of the days of the month, although towards the end I had RL interfere with getting in world and doing things, and I fell off the regular posting wagon. Continue reading »

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Jun 202013

When I swapped out my theme the other day I noticed this one supports all the post formats. This is giving me a powerful desire to leave rambly little commentaries in asides like this, the sort that most people would leave on Twitter or Plurk or Tumblr. Not sure if this is a good thing or not.

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Jun 192013

That moment when I realize I spent all my time yesterday tweaking my WordPress themes and fiddling around with the blog, and I didn’t actually post anything on the blog! Ack!   I suppose that means this evening I should strive for a couple posts to make up for it… or at least get in world and take some pictures 😀

Sort of an introduction…

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Mar 182013

And so now I have a shiny new  blog!

Well, new-ish. 😀 The first few months worth of posts here are mirrored from my SL Tumblr, but I am shifting to the more long form and somewhat easier to organize (for me, anyway) blog here.  As with all new projects, I have high hopes for myself.  Time will tell what becomes of this.

But meanwhile, welcome!