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Feb 022013


Sprung for some Lola’s Tangos… I’m feeling so much abundance in my life right now. O.O


I’ll not be wearing these all the time because they’re a little larger than I’d prefer, and if I resize them down too much the seams are pretty visible.  But still, these will be lots of fun for pics, and the applier for my skin did match up really well. Since I thought it might be nice to have something besides the included tank tops I found a nice sweater at Sn@tch  😀

And so it began

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Jan 262013


Realized that my 6th rezday is coming up in a couple weeks so I looked up my very first pic 😀
Seems like just yesterday I was wandering around on Orientation Island in my oh so fashionable girl-next-door avatar.  Stunning 😉