I Always Fall for the Guitar Player

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Jun 012014


But how could I resist?

I don’t play a lot of Gachas or try to collect sets of items, so I’m not sure what possessed me to try to get into the Arcade at the moment it opened instead of waiting a week or two until it was easier to access. But I found myself hovering two sims away and happily camming around, and the universe rewarded me with my small new rare friend from Mutresse on the first try. All of their garden gnomes are adorable, but this guy? Couldn’t help it, squealed out loud and fell in love immediately. Come on, how could you not?

I do recommend grabbing the pre-rezzing HUD from the Arcade group before visiting. I put it on about a half hour before hitting the sims (they advise wearing it at least 15  minutes in advance of going in) and when I did cam in everything was rezzing within seconds.  There are lots of really nice decor items this time, and I did spend more than I’d thought I would. I blame it on a lack of sleep, but it was totally worth it. The L.A. hair from Exile and the shoes from Fashionably Dead are also darned cool prizes. And the MishMish Travel Kitties. Ahhh! So much stuff!

But my new little pal is the best.

Yep, I always fall for the guitarist. ♥