Home Sweet Home

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Oct 182013

Last weekend we decided it was necessary to go on a building and redecorating spree. It started innocently enough, I couldn’t resist the Autumn Cottage from Trompe Loeil at Collabor88 because it was so cute, and I wanted to set it out and decorate it for the season. Then I wanted to put some trees around it, and my hub went on a landscape products shopping spree of his own and swapped out our old floating island for some new ones, and more trees… suddenly we were decorating an entirely new home. Now I am absolutely in love with this house and our whole little area here and I have to show it off!
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Happy Weekend!

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Jul 072013

This was one of those lazy days, where you just want to sit around and listen to music, read magazines, and just chill. I also intended to go in world and be a tourist today but I got distracted and ended up making gifs and screencaps and losing track of time instead. Ah well, still relaxing and fun, and easier on my Linden balance.

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Jun 062013

“I don’t know, li’l friend, what do you think I should blog about?”


I’m a little bit off on the timing for today’s blog post for Day 6, but my definition of a day is if I haven’t gone to bed yet it’s still day 6. 😀  I’m still so new to figuring out regular blogging that little things like thinking up a title for a post will leave me frowning at the screen for far too long.  And then the post content! Egads! If I visit a sim should I review it? Just post pics and a landmark? Reference all the style credits for what I’m wearing? Aaaaaugh! I guess that’s why the 30 days is going to be a good thing for me! By the end of the month I will either know what I’m doing and be totally dedicated to keeping this up to date, or I will be curled up under my desk with a jar of nutella.
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Apr 172013


Today I’ve just been enjoying my little office and feeling cute, which is, of course, my main purpose in SL 😀

But meanwhile, today’s blog meme is about names. This will be an easy one to answer, at the same time this one that reminds me that I’ve never fully bonded with my avatar’s name… or rather, I like it but I soon realized that it’s not as uncommon as I’d like.  I always envied the people who came up with the creative names, the ones who managed to get a really cool play on words, or the ones that were just really unique and beautiful. Continue reading »

Dreaming of a Second Life With No Pet Peeves…

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Apr 032013


Yes it’s meme time! One of these days I’m going to get my blog in order and put something up that isn’t a meme, but in the meantime this has been the best thing to get me blogging.

Today’s blog meme from Strawberry Singh is “My SL Pet Peeves”.   I have to say reading through other bloggers lists was interesting, and I agree with lots of them.  (I’m extremely amused by the Lola hate, though :D)  I don’t really have a lot of pet peeves related to things that people do in SL. Almost all of my complaints would be related to performance and to Linden Lab, and they’re probably shared by a majority of users so there’s no need to go into them. So, I gave this some thought and came up with five things that frustrate me… none of it’s really all that annoying, but it does make me shake my head at the screen sometimes. So here we go: Continue reading »