Best friends

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Oct 082013

The meme this week from Strawberry Singh was in two parts, the first of which I did in my previous post. Because part one of her meme was an idea from a good friend of hers, in her second option she asked if we’d like to blog about a close friend in SL as well. I usually bypass any blog challenges that ask us to talk about our closest pals in SL, not because I don’t know anyone – I count some really wonderful folks among my friends  – but because I’ve never really gotten to know anyone well enough to become close. I often regret that, but I suppose it’s an expected side effect of being too socially anxious to attempt to go beyond just exchanging greetings and small talk now and then.

So, while it’s probably cheating to count him as such for the blog meme, I think I’ll gush a bit over my husband because he’s most definitely my closest friend in SL, RL, and any other L we can think of. And I think his avatar is a cutiepie too, so I just like to share his pictures.  😀

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