Dragon Curves

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Feb 052014

Dragon Curves is a new fractal art exhibit by Mac Kanashimi, now open at LEA26, I learned about this via¬†Ziki Questi’s blog a couple of days ago and have been looking forward to visiting. ūüôā

You’ll arrive at the top level, and can grab a notecard at your landing point that will give you a bit of information about the build itself, as well as links to read more about dragon curves and about the artist. ¬†This is a huge build and they recommend that you set your draw distance to at least 384 to see more, though I was feeling brave and turned mine up to maximum so I could cam out and get a good look at everything.

There are three levels, connected by a dragon curve stairway. It’s possible to walk from the top to the bottom, although I wasn’t coordinated enough to get far before I fell off one of the platforms.¬†I didn’t mind hovering off to the side, this build is constantly in motion and I enjoyed watching the objects change height and color.

Dragon Curves will remain open through June 30.

Visit Dragon Curves at LEA26

Learn more about fractal dragon curves at Wikipedia.