Has the dawn ever seen your eyes?

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May 062014

Have you walked on the stones of years?
When you speak, is it you that hears?
Are your ears full?

Music keeps me afloat. Music has held my hand for the past six months and reassured me that life really will get brighter one day.  A common love of two bands in particular has introduced me to some of my closet and most treasured friends. Sometimes I wish I could thank my favorite musicians, and let them know how much the music they’ve created has meant to me, but I’m sure they’ve heard people tell them these things many times. I’ll just leave my little bits of gratitude here and there for a while.

Thank you, guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My song of the day is in honor of my prog sisters. They don’t read this blog or have much interest in SL, but I had to share the above pic of me and my armored pal at the Prog Museum with them earlier today, which they did find pretty cool. 😀

Sep 232013

Music has always been extremely important to me. A favorite band or song can have an immediate impact on my mood, it can recharge me if I’m having trouble focusing, calm me if I’m stressed, inspire me to create something, or just provide a soundtrack for my day. My husband has never connected to music like I have, he enjoys it but he’ll always choose to turn to a favorite movie to unwind and relax, I always go for my music collection. Sometimes I can’t even really explain what it is about a particular song, or a band, that moves me so much. It’s just something I feel, something that can make me burst into tears when I hear the first few notes at a concert.

I haven’t spent nearly as much time getting to know the SL music scene, though it’s always one of my goals. I do love to tour any music related builds though, from little record stores to full sim installations like Musiclandia at LEA-11. Music related builds combined with really cool visuals and opportunities for photos? Bliss… Continue reading »