Jan 072014

Here I go into the first full week of 2014. This is the week I said I would drag myself out of my cocoon and begin doing things, this is the week I was going to start everything fresh and take charge of my life. Have I done this? Well… I’m going to blame the sub zero temperatures on my inactivity. Too cold to think today, it was much more enjoyable to stay inside under a blanket, and wander around in world for a while.

We were looking for some ice cream… I think we took a wrong turn somewhere…

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There goes 2013

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Dec 312013

Seemed to be a good plan to just party at home with the Alt tonight.

How did 2014 creep up on me so fast? I’ve barely registered that time has passed since November, and now January 1 is a half hour away.  I guess it’s time to break out the drinks and party! Continue reading »