Sneaking off to see what’s in the clouds

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Oct 232013

All the talk about the Second Life TOS changes in the past few weeks have reminded me that there are some other worlds out there.  I have no intention of leaving Second Life until somebody shuts off the lights and we all have to go home, but in the meantime if I see something that’s new and different from SL I try to take a look at it. Or, in the case of Cloud Party, revisit it to see what’s been going on there lately.


Last year my husband/fellow virtual world explorer and I both signed up for Cloud Party with our Facebook accounts, at the time that was the only option and I recall it frustrated those who didn’t want to tie their RL accounts to virtual worlds. They do allow other methods of creating an account now, but fortunately the Facebook log in still works so I was able to hop back in. My profile was still there, untouched for the past sixteen months, and I was amused to find my snapshots from that day still sitting in my avatar profile photo album. Continue reading »