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May 212014

The challenge from Strawberry Singh this week… Photobombing! Our instructions for the day:

Meme Instructions: Go out exploring the grid and find someone to photobomb, or share a picture or anecdote of a time that you were photobombed in Second Life… 

I contemplated this, but the idea of intentionally photobombing somebody I don’t know fills me with waaay too much anxiety. I rarely have photobombers in my own shots, whenever I’m taking pics somewhere I will either wait until the sim is empty, or I’ll focus on the areas where nobody is wandering around. Still, random people turn up now and then, so I browsed my pics a bit to see if any of them had extra subjects I hadn’t planned on.

01-sept_024smI really didn’t find much, except for this newbie explorer who was hanging around the landing point at Bogon Flux last fall. That does tend to be an issue when you’re trying to capture shots of any sim that is or has been in the Destination Guide, people drop in at random just as you have something set up. I don’t think I had noticed Miss City Girl Newbie  had rezzed in until after I was logged off and looking over my shots.


Well, at least she was out exploring!

Although I couldn’t find any good examples (because I’ve probably fixed all of them already), I’m certain the worst photobomber in any SL photos I have taken is myself. When I’m trying to take pics I often hover well above tree level so I’ll be out of the way of the scenery I’m trying to capture, then I begin to cam around for good angles and more nice shots, and eventually I completely forget where I left myself. I usually never realize where I was until I look back at a pic and see that I’m hovering nonchalantly off to one side.  😀