Jul 052013


I take way too many selfies. The number of selfies on my phone probably rivals that of a bored teenager, yet I still keep pointing the camera at myself and snapping more shots, and playing with filters, and editing them beyond all recognition. It’s just immensely fun to play with photos, and if I can make myself look cute then hey, big bonus šŸ˜€ Continue reading »

One of those cute days :D

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Jun 222013

Sometimes you just have to admire yourself when you get new clothes. Ā I love the little messy wispy bits in D!va hair, and this is making me itchy to turn my RL hair back to blonde again. I like the tank from Ducknipple a lot too, and I like that it has a HUD so I can change the color. Ā And now that I feel super cute I’ll be ready to head off for some SL10B adventures. Yay! Continue reading »

May 152013


Once again, it’s time for the weekly Strawberry Singh blog challenge, AKA the reason I actually have new blog entries!

This week’s meme is SLĀ guiltyĀ confessions… This one stumped me for a while, I wasn’t sure if I should be considering this as something that I actually feel bad about, or as something more along the lines of things that are fun but embarrassingĀ to admit, aka guilty pleasures. Ā Since my SL is pretty mild mannered there isn’t anything that’s happened that I actually feel guilt over, but there are those habits that are perhaps a wee bitĀ embarrassing. So let’s see, what can I confess… Continue reading »

Spring is out there somewhere

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Feb 212013

Iā€™ll be patient.


Meanwhile Iā€™m finding D!va hair is really tempting me away from my long term Truth addiction. I really love the little messy strands šŸ˜€

Digging in the back of the closet

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Feb 172013


Yep, still have pretty much everything I ever bought still sitting in my inventory.Ā I donā€™t think Iā€™ll abandon my love affair with mesh (or my flirtation with my Lolaā€™s) to start wearing my old clothes, but some of the texture clothes hold up pretty well. Ā And the hair, was, I believe, my very first purchase in world. Kinda fun to pull itĀ out now and then and see how things look now.